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Success in real estate is all about the ability to stay “Top of Mind” with clients. Statistics show the average person knows 10.3 Realtors and that clients often call the Realtor that contacted them last even if that is not the agent that worked with them on their last transaction.  Analysis further shows that you need to connect with your clients three times a month to stay “Top of Mind”. So how do you effectively (and efficiently) do that? One good contact vehicle is a monthly eNewsletter with information of real value. Not a “Time to Spring Forward” message but something with real content that shows the client you put some thought into the message and it’s not just an obvious automated
service.  Content such as local neighborhood statistics, reminders of property tax appeal dates, listing of up-coming local events, and year end
market reviews are all good subjects that clients find of interest and can set you apart from the crowd. The key is delivering content of value and executing your contact strategy consistently on a month in, month out basis.

If your office has a system in place for eNewsletters that you can customize, take advantage of it. We create our own customized monthly eNewsletter for our Brokers and use a service by MailChimp to distribute and track the results.  Try it. It’s free and effective.
All the best on staying “Top of Mind” with your clients!

Posted on October 11, 2011 at 5:25 pm
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