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Many of your clients have an annual meeting with their CPA, financial advisor, insurance agent, and attorney, however few of them think to do the same with their real estate broker even though their home may be one of the largest assets they own. A great way to stay “Top of Mind” with your clients is to prepare an annual real estate review for them and invite them to discuss it over lunch or coffee. The content of the review should give them a good understanding of what has happened over the last year in the market at the county, city and neighborhood levels in terms of sales activity and property values however it is not at the detail level of a comparable market analysis (CMA). You are not trying to tell them specifically what their house is worth as you would in a listing presentation but rather educate them on the trends in the marketplace so they have a general idea on any change in their property value over the last year. If they want more detail then sure provide it, otherwise keep it somewhat high level so the reviews are easy to prepare and discuss.

Here is the content we prepare for our Broker’s reviews:
* Property Profile from Realist
* 18 Month Trendgraphix Charts at the County and City level
* Neighborhood Market Trend Report from the title company
* Neighborhood Pricing Reports including;

– Odds of Selling Chart
– 90 day Activity Chart
– Competitive Price Point Chart

It takes the staff about 30 minutes to create this package once a Broker gives us their client name and address. It should take you about the same and it gives you a great reason to call your database and set up a brief meeting. Our clients really appreciate the information and it helps keep us “Top of Mind”!  A hard copy sample is available if you would like to see our format in its final form. Just give me a call at 206 412 1118 or drop me an email at

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