Staying Top of Mind – Community Events

Staying “Top of Mind” with your current and prospective clients is the single most important thing you can do for the success of your
business. How to do that on a regular basis and not be perceived as spamming your contacts is the challenge. Postcards, personal notes, eNewsletters and snail mail Newsletters are all good options as long as there is content of value. Another terrific option is to hold a community event and invite your sphere to participate. Your office parking lot can be a great location for a paper shredding or electronic recycling day. We have used Datasite ( for shredding and 1 Green Planet ( for recycling and had a packed parking lot with 50 – 75 cars coming through for each event. Think of the awareness you can build for yourself and your brand with such events. Even better than the added community awareness you will create is that this is the perfect reason to pick up the phone and call your sphere. They will appreciate you thinking of them and offering this valuable service. Whether they take advantage of the opportunity or not, you get kudos for your effort and thoughtfulness. How great is that??

I just scheduled a free health screening day at our office and can’t wait to see the response from the community and the impact on the
business. Our Brokers have closed over $3M in incremental sales over the last six months as result of these activities. I encourage you to start scheduling your own community events so that you can achieve similar results!

Posted on October 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm
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