2012 Business Planning

As we approach the holidays and market activity slows, it makes for the perfect time to plan for next year. Here are a couple ideas on approaches you might take:

For those that are a little ADD (and who in real estate isn’t), this is the short and sweet version. Set aside one full day for your
planning and start with the following three questions:

–       What worked for you in 2011?

–       What didn’t work for you in 2011?

–       What will you continue to do and what will you add to your business in 2012?

Spend the morning noting the answers to these questions and then grab your accountability partner, manager, or skills group member and
share each other’s answers. It makes the planning more fun/ interesting and you may each pick up new ideas to incorporate into your own plans. Work individually in the afternoon creating an execution roadmap and calendar for your plan. What will you do? What can your staff or assistant do? What can you automate? Be sure to record the dates these activities are to be completed each month. I find getting my “to do’s” logged on my calendar significantly increases the odds the task actually gets done on time.

For those of you with a little longer attention span and who like details, a spreadsheet is a great place to start. Expect to spend two to
three days analyzing numbers (income goal, average sale price, average commission, expenses, projected number of leads/prospects, conversion rates) and creating your marketing and contact plan with a calendar of events that will generate the contacts you need. Don’t forget to incorporate your personal and family goals into your plan as well.

If 2011 was not the year you hoped for and you need a better result in 2012, then now is the time to take action. Call me and let’s create a
customized plan (short or detailed) for your success in 2012 and beyond.

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