Gorilla Marketing aka Effective Marketing on a Budget

NAR statistics show that the average consumer knows 10.2 real estate agents. Yikes! That’s a lot of competition for our client’s mind share. So how do we cut through the clutter of all the marketing messages that bombard our clients and prospects every day without breaking the bank? There are two key points to keep in mind. 1) Always deliver something of value for the client in your contacts (no spam!). 2) Be consistent in your execution. Have a month by month contact plan with topics and events identified for each month.

Some cost effective marketing/contact ideas:

  • Unlimited call plans. Other than a face to face meeting, a phone call is your most valuable touch with a client. Unlimited voice plans are fairly inexpensive compared to mailings. Call through your database every month with information of value.


  • eNewsletters. Email is “free”. Find or create content of value and send a monthly eNewsletter to your database. We create a monthly eNewsletter with no more than 3 articles (real estate related and general interest) that gets a good response from our agents’ clients. Check out www.mailchimp.com as a free tool to distribute and track eNewsletters.


  • Yelp. This free internet review site is great for getting new leads. Our agents who proactively manage their Yelp site (get 5+ stellar reviews, respond to poor reviews) see 2-3 incremental closings per year.


  • Host events. What’s your interest? Do what you like and invite your database to join you. Bike ride the Burke Gilman trail, hike Mt. Si, coordinate a wine tasting or art walk. www.evite.com is a good no cost vehicle to manage invitations. If you are looking to expand your database, www.meetup.com is a good site to find people with like interests.


  • Take advantage of any office events. Our office sponsors at least one event per quarter. Confidential data shredding, electronics and appliance recycling, Santa photos, food drives, Community Service Days, … When your office has an event, use it as a reason to call your clients with a personal invitation.


    It is expensive to run a real estate business. Take advantage of these ideas to minimize your expenses and maximize your contacts. If you would like more ideas or help on creating your contact calendar, give me a call at 206-412 -1118. I would be happy to help!

    Posted on May 18, 2012 at 12:13 pm
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